Mazzer Mini Espresso Grinder Best Features

 Mazzer Mini, Should You Buy It ?

Certainly it is pretty much difficult to drive more than several miles without passing off some internationally or nationally recognized coffee chains, especially if a person is a real aficionado of strong cup of espresso. While on the other hand there are also some lovers of coffee who skips any well known café and prefers their homemade espresso, since it might be more convenient for them or they might think that the espresso which is made by themselves at their home is way much better in taste, color and aroma as compared to what is available in any commercial coffee shop.

For such people, the Mazzer Mini would be a great choice. At first it may not look obvious, but it is a fact that when it comes to production of top quality espresso then selection of a reliable coffee beans grinder is the most crucial facet. For some people it could be tempting to neglect the coffee grinder and put more emphasis upon the main espresso unit because of its powerful visual charm and numerous other features to consider.

However, it is always good to stay away from this trap reducing coffee grounds from the coffee beans is one of the messiest and noisiest parts of this whole process of coffee production, but it is impossible for any top coffee grinder to reach its utmost potency unless it is done consistently and uniformly by an ace coffee beans grinder.

Product Overview

type a buttonsThe Mazzer mini electronic espresso grinder is a gold standard for home coffee grinders. It is commercial quality equipment which is especially designed to be used in any environment, which means whether it home or a crowded café, this unit can always provide paramount performance. With steel burrs of 64 mm, a heavy duty motor, a convenient electric timer for precise dosing and stepless adjustments of grind, this mini grinder unit has the potential to get preference against any other espresso grinder units in its price range. In other words, this simply an ideal choice for anyone who is looking for uniform quality of grind, shot after shot.

Originally designed and manufactured for commercial use this Type A mini coffee beans grinder last even after years of use, whether type A displayit is grinding espresso beans in the kitchen of professional offices who loves to sip espresso every morning or in a small restaurant. It is an immensely admired grinding machine among the enthusiasts of espresso all over the world. Typically, in the world of commercial coffee corners, the Mazzer mini acts as a subaltern grinder mainly for decaffeinated coffee or the primary coffee beans grinder for the establishments who have to serve lower volumes. It is an exceptional combination of excellent function and great convenience.

Product Features

  • It is pretty clear from its name that Mazzer mini coffee grinder is a doserless unit, which means it does not come with the conventional dosing hopper, however it still features programmable dosing so filling up the portafilter by using this product has never been simpler before.
  • The users can manage the dosing simply with the help of some buttons for both double and single doses of espresso. It also comprises an option to determine volume and a digital display which is present right at the top of its funnel. This product of Mazzer also uses a small switch which is placed below the dispenser of dosing to turn on the process of grinding.
  • The bean hopper of this particular unit is manufactured by using sturdy and long duty plastic that also has a finger guard. The capacity of its bean hopper is to keep in it is 1.3 pounds. Additionally, it also consists of an integrated trap door that lets trouble-free changing of coffee beans without discharging it.

Product Advantages

Unlike other espresso grinders, the Mazzer grinding machine is equipped with flat burr grinders which are made of stainless steel. These burrs are not just long lasting but at the same time they are also very easy to clean. Mazzer Mini is designed to operate at minimal RPM to avoid drastic heat builds up that affects the overall espresso’s taste.

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