Pasquini Moka Doser Grinder Chrome Review

A fantastic espresso machine ought to have an outstanding grinder for the coffee beans in order to make certain specific and uniform grinds so that a machine could make the superlative possible coffee and Pasquini Moka Doser Grinder Chrome is a great example of it. This grinder is designed to suit the needs of any office, home or even commercial bars. It is simply perfect to call it a powerful collaborator of a paramount coffee machine. The Moka grinder always aims at bean grinding of large scale needs and forks out perfect grounds each and every time its user run it.

Favored by so many commercial cafes and coffee corners, Moka Doser grinder features a very simple method of adjustment which means even those persons who have less or even no knowledge about coffee grinding machines can switch it up and yank this product on the fly without facing any sort of serious issue. In addition to it, steel grinding wheels of commercial quality are undoubtedly another plus.

As it is pretty much clear from Moka’s name that this grinder machine also comes with a high quality doser that lets the barista to simply pull a petite lever and effortlessly portions the perfect amount of grounds right into the portafilter from every single cycle. With twenty five push button options of grinding, simplicity is the name of this implausible product. Designed and manufactured by the straightforward way of cleaning in mind which is housed in a cautiously polished body, Moka is just an indispensable unit for any professional coffee maker who wants to serve hundreds of fresh cups of espresso every day.

Pasquini Moka Doser

Product Overview

The Moka Doser grinder has an extremely powerful motor that always makes sure the unswerving coffee beans grinding results which is definitely one of the most crucial necessities of a good espresso machine. Thanks to the direct drive powerful motor whose grind wheels might turn a bit slowly, though powerfully, so that this unit would not burn clog or coffee grounds at finest settings. It has a finely polished eye captivating chrome body which is not just striking enough to be left on a kitchen’s or coffee bar’s counter top, but it is also scratch resistant and  carefully manufactured by the top quality material that lasts for many years.

The burr grinding wheels of Moka doser grinder are made up of tempered steel whose diameter is about 50 mm that generates superior level of consistency in coffee grounds. Burr grinders are know to last for long time and smash your bean slowly to get the most of its taste. Due to its unrivaled strength, these grinding wheels can easily do better than any other espresso coffee grinder of its same class and it also has the capability to provide unmatchable – Google Search performance for multiple years. According to experts of espresso, a uniform grind is the key factor in the production of coffee which is simply the best in all aspects whether it is the color of coffee, aroma or rich flavor. The one of the best characteristics of this unit is that it can provide the precise grounds of coffee refinements which are required by more complicated and refined coffee machines.

Pasquini Moka Doser Grinder

Product Features

  •      This coffee bean grinding unit of Moka comes with 25 grinding options, which means it is up to the expert to choose the exact grind that he or she wants from twenty five different selections which are offered by this grinder. The users of this product have options to go for the Turkish coffee, French press, drip or contemporary espresso.
  •      It features a coffee bean hopper of one pound which is manufactured with the help of molded plastic along with a black colored lid. This one pound coffee bean hopper allows Moka to keep coffee beans of almost one pound well sealed so they stay fresh and always ready to grind.


  •      It only comes in polished chrome color that retains attraction for longer time. The overall weight of this entire unit is around 16 pounds and its approximate dimensions are 6×11.5×15.5 (WxDxH).

Pasquini Moka Doser Grinder Chrome

Product Advantages

One of the most vainglorious benefits of Moka doser grinder over other similar products of its class is its larger hopper that takes less time to refill it. Plus wheels of Pasquini Moka Doser Grinder Chrome which are made up of tempered steel are exceptionally durable. Read this article about Amazing Coffee Grinders.