What Coffee Grinders Customers Prefer

buyers choicesOpinions Of Coffee Grinders Buyers Do Matter

The short answer is Yes. One way to determine the suitable coffee grinder for your needs is to read what other buyer customers say about their investment. You can find many verified buyers review in big sites like amazon. It surly will take time and effort to read all comments and compare results. But for us, this is a fun and a good way to spend a spare night. We set some rules and outlines to insure that we take only best reviews. Some of these rules are verified buyer and detailed review including cons and pros of the product. We tried to reach some buyers to take in depth information by asking them to fill a survey about their coffee grinder.

Customers Preference and Our Experts Lists

The good thing is that we found that customers choice are not far than ours. Actually, they almost like same points that we like on coffee grinders. If you take a look at our Best Burr Coffee Grinder : Top 10, you will surly spot the similarity with the table below. We believe that customers do care about quality first, as we do.

How Long Will It Take To Update the List ?

The research took more than 6 months. We will try to update the table as soon as possible, but this process will take roughly 3 months. So, we decided to make an update every 4 months. We still gathering information about coffee grinders. If you want to help, then feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to have your review. Take a look at our list of High Rated Coffee Grinders by clicking this link https://cgcheck.com/best-coffee-grinder with an easy table to compare different grinders without losing your time.

RatingItemNotesPricing (Updated every 30min)
#1Rancilio Rocky Doserless
Rancilio Rocky Doserless


- Not listed in tables above because its heavier and considered a commercial use more than home use.
- This is a doserless type, there is a doser type but cost more and heavier.

#2KitchenAid Pro Line Series
KitchenAid Pro Line Series black


- Many good costumers reviews on KitchenAid Pro for its high quality and good price.
- Different Colors.
Warranty: Hassle Free 2 Year Warranty Policy
List Price: $249.99 USD

#3Breville BCG800XL Smart
Breville BCG800XL Smart


- Breville BCG800XL is claiming the best burrs grinders very fast. Many reviews says the price is very cheap when looking to its huge selection of features.
Warranty: 1 year limited
List Price: $249.99 USD
Used From: $249.92 USD

#4Bodum Bistro Electric
Bodum Bistro Electric


- Bodum Bistro Electric Burr design is the best among all grinders. Many customers reviews love how it looks in their kitchen.
- Its price is the very good.

Warranty: 1 Year
List Price: $143.00 USD
Used From: $54.99 USD

#5Gaggia MDF
Gaggia MDF


Warranty: One Year warranty from date of purchase
List Price: $220.00 USD
Used From: $218.99 USD

#6 Encore by Baratza
Encore by Baratza


- Good Price for Baratza Product.
Warranty: 1 yr manufacturers warranty.
List Price: $199.00 USD
Used From: $94.99 USD

#7 Baratza G385 Black Maestro Plus
Baratza G385 Black Maestro Plus


- Old but customers still like this product.
- It is not listed on tables above because its old.
Warranty: 1 Year parts and labor
List Price: $169.00 USD
Used From: $115.00 USD

#8Baratza Vario-W - Baratza 985
Baratza Vario W 985


Warranty: One Year Parts & Labor by Baratza
List Price: $549.00 USD

#9Baratza Vario Ceramic 885
Baratza Vario Ceramic 885


Warranty: 1 Yr Parts & Labor
List Price: $449.00 USD

#10Baratza Preciso 685


Warranty: 1 yr manufacturers warranty.
List Price: $399.99 USD
Used From: $235.00 USD