Burr vs Blade – Which One Is The Best ?

old millMilling your very own coffee beans is a pretty fantastic way to guarantee freshness of your coffee. We have a great list of Top Grinder to Have. The better the grinding machine you use, the superior coffee flavor you’ll get. Grinding coffee beans to fine powder (dust) is definitely the sole method for getting rich taste cup of coffee. Knowing the various kinds of coffee mills is essential in order to ensure you’re going to get the perfect coffee. At the moment, the two main types are : blade & burr. The main difference between them is fairly obvious but some buyers might get puzzled when they’re searching for a coffee grinder. Below, we will take both types and analysis them along with product examples and pictures.

bladeWhat is a Blade Type?

Its the oldest type of coffee mills, and I am sure every one bought it since its price is very cheap. Its a lot cheaper than the worst burr because it use a metal blade to chop up the beans. The blade moves very fast and seems just like a propeller, this is why some refer to it as propeller. The more you grind the beans, the finer beans shape you get. Even so, the result will not be that good because it will skip cutting some beans, resulting in a low brew quality. Additionally, due to how this type designed, it tends to be harder to be cleaned.

Summary of Blade Pros & Cons :blade clean

1- Cheap. You can get one for $20.
2- Very small. It will fit any place.
3- Found in any small Store.

1- You cant get 100% fine powder. The best you may get is about 60%.
2- No coffee choices. You can make espresso or cappuccino using this type.
3- Can bur your beans if used for along time.
4- Noisy.

new bladeWhat is the best Blade type in the market today?

Krups 203 Electric with Stainless-Steel Blades is for the sure the top in this category. It can easily used to grind coffee beans, nuts, spices, and grains. This product was made first time on 2005 and still the best blade type to get. We have reviews this product in details. Check or cheap coffee grinders list.

ConicalWhat is a Burr ?

The newest type and the best so far. It mashes the coffee beans with a moving milling wheel along with a static area .This will surly make beans uniform size . It guarantees that you will get the best flavored cup of coffee. This type allow you to choose how coarse your coffee bean will be. You can easily make an espresso, cappuccino, drip, and french press. Also, it provides consonant grinding at the same quality.

What are the Pros & Cons of Burrs :

1- More coffee choices.burr
2- Consonant grinding.
3- Last for long time. (due to high materials it normally built with)
4- Quieter than blade.
5- Its shape and design is a lot better and cooler than blade types.
6- Easy to clean.

1- Price is usually expensive. (more than $100 for a good one)
2- The many burr products on the market today may lead to some confusion.
3- The size is bigger than blade mill.

Conical and flatWhat is the best Burr type in the market today?

Without a doubt Breville BCG800XL Smart is the best coffee grinder. We wrote a review about this great product and talked about its Cons and Pros. Click Here to read our review. Or Visit This Page to read buyers reviews on Breville BCG800XL at amazon.com. If you are a fan of espresso grinder then click this link to read our detail article What is Best Espresso Grinder ? Top List By Our Experience Team