Bodum Bistro Review – Design, Pros and Cons

Grounding the coffee bean the right way to get their best flavor is the main advantage of this grinder.  You do not have to worry about your coffee not being the best any more. This beautifully designed unit is a separate line between a good cup of coffee or bad. Also, This grinder is a very stylish and epic designed that you will proud to put it in your kitchen. This product capable easy to produce quality fresh beans for everything from espresso to drip. Bodum Bistro is a huge step to turn your coffee bean brew from fine to coarse.

What are this grinder Pros

As any good build coffee grinder, it provides many amazing features that its place on our list of the best burr coffee grinder is hard to be taken. If you take in your calculation its price, then it will be the best without any competition. Our Review is separated into tow parts pros and cons.Below are the most important pros of this product :

#1– Grinding Settings: 14 different grind setting that easily modified from soft to coarse. Easily modded for the setting you desire.  The grind size is perfect for all settings.

#2– Noise Level: Not loud at all. You will not wake your neighbors, pets or even a baby.

#4– SIZE: Perfect. It’s one of the best looking coffee grinders on the market. The size is small but fine. It will fit any place and add a nice touch.

#5– Clean Up: Super Easy. Tow steps and you are done.

#6– Mess: None. No mess No Static. The glass catcher is their secret here. It does a great job keeping  the mess inside.

#7– QUALITY: Amazing. The glass catcher is an example how quality this product. Almost every other competitor grinder uses a plastic cutter. Also, all Bodum Coffee Grinder Parts are made by high quality materials.

#8– Weight: Fairly Light. It looks heavy, but the way its constructor with high plastic, glass and stand-still provide a perfect weight. You can move it easily and won’t shake when grinding.

#9– Grinding Choices: This product is excellent for espresso, French press, drip.

#10– Price: The Lowest. If you want a decent burr grinder that will not fail you for a long time and a low price, then this is the only option for you. The Price of this unit usually range between $140-$155.

The Cons of this unit

The Best DesignOnly one cons we could find after doing a lot of research. It is the 5 min cool down after every 20 Sec or you will risk its motor to shut down. For some,It is not a problem at all. Especially, if you take in your calculation the price which is the best and cheapest to get a decent burr grinder.


The Conclusion

The Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder is an excellent piece of hardware to have in your kitchen with almost no serious cons. The high performance and the price are more than enough to make this product in your top list of coffee grinders choices. Check Coffee Grinders Ranks By Our Experts and Reviews. Also read more review about it at and similar sites.