Best Coffee Grinder – The Secret of Having a Good Tasting Coffee :

How To Pick The Best Coffee GrinderHave you ever wondered why some people or some coffee shops makes a really good tasting cup of coffee. I found the answer and this article is all about how to achieve making great coffee in your own home. Treating your fresh coffee beans the correct way is the first step to do. Making sure that you are using good new beans, new and fresh water and a steady temperature are things that must be considered to achieve this goal. But the must important to have is a coffee mill. Not any grinder will do the trick, you must get best coffee grinder to ensure it will not burn your beans or grind it to uneven size. A good grinder will highly raised your coffee taste and your experience. Before buying a mill, you must first all available info about them. Types, quality, speed, grind options and size and more are things you must be aware of before buying one.


Top Rated Burr Coffee Grinder in 2015 :

( last update on 16 Feb 2015 )

This list only has five products, and yes they are the same as our list above. The reason of this is burr mills are the best option nowadays to get the best of you beans. Also, they are made of high quality materials the will last for 4-10 years easily. Our list below is only for the top 5 because other burrs are not worth mentioning since they are not even good as a cheap blade type.

overall table sample


What you should know about your new Home Unit ?

You can find many different types of this unit in the market today. Each one of them has its Pros and Cons. Actually, some of them are What you should knowworthless. You must know what coffee you want to have and what size is the perfect for your mood. For example, if you are looking for best way to grind your beans, then you should find one that can grind fine easily. But if you want it to produce different kinds of coffee, then get a unit that can grind fine and coarse. You should know the difference more after reading below about the burr and flat types. Also, your coffee type determine how hot your grind should be. Some bean mills gives you the ability how hot your grind should be. This is very important feature to not burn your coffee beans. The unit that do not have an option to change the grind heat are usually a lot cheaper. Other factors to take in notes are noise, easy clean and how it will last standing in your kitchen without a problem.

Best List By Customers Reviews in 2015:

( last update on 30 Jan 2015 )

Buyers reviews is a very good sign to notice if this unite worth buying or not. If a product got a high positive reviews, this is for sure a good sign. Below we will list only products that got high positives customers reviews. We collect data from many sources,, and asking buyers to fill surveys about the product they bought.

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How To Pick The The Right Mill ?

How To Pick The BestAs we said before, there are many types for different purposes. The only one who can choose the best one is you. By knowing your needs and your coffee style and preference. Once you determine these things, choosing one will be an easy task for you. Below is a list of questions that you should ask yourself before choosing the product. Coffee grinder is a nice tool to treat your self a good way every morning, make sure to have a good start every morning.


– Do you want to make an espresso, drip, french press coffee?

– How much money are you going to pay ? $20, $70, $100, $200

– Are you going to use it daily?

– How many cups are you going to make in one run?

– Are going to clean it everyday, weekly, or monthly?

– Is the high noise a problem for you?

– What kind of grind that suit the coffee you want? fine, coarse, or both.

– Are there many good reviews by buyers? The more, the better.


Cheap Coffee Grinder : under $100

The price is one of the most important factors before buying one. Deciding how much you are going to spend will make it very easy to pick best coffee grinder. Usually, If the price is below $100 buyers wont have a big problem. In other word, it will destroy funds for there future plans. Below is our list for the top 10 mills and under $100.


Picking the Best | Part 1 : Burr vs Blade

Burr and blade types are the tow known types nowadays. Knowing the differences between them is going to help you to decide best coffee grinder for your needs. Choosing one of them is an easy task. The blade type isburr vs blade the old type and a lot cheaper while the burr type is the newest and considered more expensive. You can get a good burr for $70, the flat type is as cheap as $10. For me, I only pick a burr type because it gives your coffee all the taste for the beans. Also, it grind beans to different sizes with a click of a button. Jean Geel has wrote for us a great article about Burr vs Blade Grinders. Visit the link to know more information about this subject.


Picking the Best | Part 2 : Burr Type

Conical and flatThere tow main types of a burrs, conical  and flat. Conical type is the new generation and it is the best option if you are looking for best. This type is the only one you really should trying to get. Its way of grinding coffee beans makes this job a lot easier and added a huge control of grind size. Unfortunately, conical burrs price ranged between $150 to $300 and even more.


Best Manual Mill

Manual mills have obtained attractiveness in the last decade. The are old but still a style and appear fabulous in your kitchen. Manual type demand more work and time but they give you a special pleasure if you own one. You can use a manual coffee bean mill at any time and anywhere, since they do not require electricity. This is the main reason why most manual types are a lot cheaper than other types. An ideal product is not about how fast it can mill the beans, it is about how good taste it will gives after each mill.

Experts List in 2015 :

As many of you know, we do our best to keep our lists updated and include all types of coffee grinders. Below you will find the lists for Best coffee grinder, by buyers reviews. We will try to add as much details as possible. Also, we will provides full reviews on some products ones we get our hand on it.

The Do Not Buy List

We created this list to make it easy to spot worthless unit. Unfortunately, some have serious problems that prevent it from doing its job, but the manufacture do not warn or replace it. Others are made with very low materials that it will break after a month or even less.

Made with very cheap materials.
Cuisinart DCG-12BCCuisinart DCG-12BC
The motor burn fast.
Krups GVXKrups GVX
Poor materials, Poor design and dies so fast.
Universal Housewares Gourmet Cast IronUniversal Housewares Gourmet Cast Iron
Do not buy this if you want a real mill, but its good if as a peace of decor.

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